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Liberation 75th Anniversary

The Parish of St John 

Friday 8th May at 2pm

Official announcement

9 May 2020 marks 75 years since Jersey was liberated from German occupation at the end of the Second World War.

There is a strong desire to keep the memory of Liberation Day alive – to remember those affected by occupation and the War, to recognise the impact Occupation and Liberation has had on Jersey’s present-day community and identity, and to celebrate freedom, peace and inclusivity.

Due to the outbreak of  Corvid 19 we have had to change the plans.

It's with a heavy heart that we announce that Liberation 75 is being scaled-back, with a number of events cancelled. We are planning a different programme in response to Coronavirus.

Celebrations for Liberation  Jersey 75 in St John.

Message from Connétable Christopher Taylor 

“It is important we celebrate this Historic milestone in our Island’s history and I would encourage Parishioners to have Tea Parties in their garden if they are able to do so. Get the family involved baking biscuits, fairy cakes and pastries. Take plenty of photos and videos so this day will be remembered forever”.

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